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The Town of Biscoe operates under the Council/Manager form of government. Under the Council/Manager plan, the Town Council is the

legislative body for the community and makes broad policy decisions. The Town Manager, who is appointed by the Council, is responsible for

the day-to-day operations of the Town government. He supervises all department heads and Town staff, prepares a recommended budget

for the Council’s consideration, serves as the chief adviser for the Council on policy and administrative matters, and implements the Council’s

policy decisions.


The Administration Department is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the policy and initiatives determined by the Town of Biscoe

Council. The department serves as a support and liaison to all Town of Biscoe departments, ensuring services are provided to residents in the

most effective, responsive and cost-efficient manner. In addition, the Administration Department is responsible for enforcement of the laws and ordinances of the Town of Biscoe, administration of contracts on behalf of the Town of Biscoe, safekeeping of all Town of Biscoe documents and oversight of the operations of the Town of Biscoe Attorney, who is appointed by the Town of Biscoe Council.


The Administration Department consists of the Town of Biscoe Manager, Town of Biscoe Clerk, and additional administrative support staff. Operations at the front desk of Town of Biscoe Hall fall under the purview of Administration, where applications are taken for the rental of Town of Biscoe Hall meeting rooms and payments are taken for various collections/fees.

















Duties of Town Manager


North Carolina General Statute 160A-147:  Appointment of City Manager.


In cities whose charters provide for the council-manager form of government, the council shall appoint a city manager to serve at its pleasure.  The manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications.  The manager shall be the chief administrator of the city.  He shall be responsible to the council for administering all municipal affairs placed in his charge by them, and shall have the following powers and duties:














The Finance Office is responsible for the accounting of all revenues and expenses, reporting to federal, state, and local authorities for the Town. This department oversees monthly payroll (approximately 22 employees during winter and 40 during summer). In addition, this department maintains the accounting system and records, is the custodian of official Town records, maintains cemetery records, and provides secretarial support through the recording and preparation of all minutes for the Town Council.


The Administration and Finance Office has three full-time employees and one part-time employee:


  • Town Manager
  • Town Clerk/Finance Officer/Payroll Administrator/Safety Officer/Accounting Clerk
  • Deputy Clerk/Water Billing Clerk
  • Office Assistant


The employees typically work a 40-hour schedule per week. The Town Hall is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.



The Finance Office is responsible for managing all of the financial affairs of the Town and supports the other departments through accounting services, financial reporting and payroll processing in strict accordance with North Carolina General Statutes.  Activities performed by the Finance Office include accounting, data processing, debt administration, cash management, arranging for and assisting with the annual independent audit and preparation of monthly internal financial statements.  The accounting function involves payment of the Town’s bills, preparation of payroll and related payroll tax returns and maintenance of the general ledger for all subsidiary ledgers for receivables, payables and fixed assets. The department also assists the Town Manager in the development and implementation of the annual budget.



Vendors Application

If you are a vendor and would like to be placed on the Town's Vendor List, please complete the Vendor Application. The Vendor Application can be emailed to or mailed to Town of Biscoe Attention: Laura B. Morton PO Box 1228 Biscoe, N.C. 27209.



We are located at 110 West Main Street, Biscoe, N.C. 27209. Customers may visit us from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on Town Holidays. For general information about the Town's Finance Department, call (910) 428-4112.


  • He shall appoint and suspend or remove all city officers and employees not elected by the people.
  • He shall direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the city.
  • He shall attend all meetings of the council and recommend any measures that he deeds expedient.
  • He shall see that all laws of the State, the city charter, and the ordinances, resolutions, and regulations of the council are faithfully executed within the city.
  • He shall prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the council.
  • He shall annually submit to the council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city as of the end of the fiscal year.
  • He shall make any other reports that the council may require concerning the operations of city departments, offices, and agencies.
  • He shall perform any other duties that may be required or authorized by the council.

Brandon attended Appalachian State University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Political Science with a concentration in Public Management and minor in Communication, and a Master’s in Public Administration.  He holds multiple certificates from the UNC School of Government having attended the NC Municipal Administration course, the LGFCU Fellows Leading for Results Program, and the Public Executive Leadership Academy.  He is an active member of the International City Managers Association (ICMA), the Appalachian State Local Government Alumni Association, and the NC City/County Managers Association where he serves on the MPA Committee and the Conference Planning Committee.

Brandon Holland, Town Manager

Phone: (910)428-4112

Planning/Zoning & Code Enforcement

Contact the Town Manager

Brandon Holland

(910)428-4112 phone


Contact Deputy Clerk Laura A. Jordan

(910)428-4112 phone


Budget / Finance

Contact the Town Manager

Brandon Holland

(910)428-4112 phone


Contact Town Clerk Laura B. Morton

(910)428-4112 phone




Human Resources

Contact the Town Manager

Brandon Holland

(910)428-4112 phone


Contact Town Clerk Laura B. Morton

(910)428-4112 phone


Contact the Town Manager

Brandon Holland

(910)428-4112 phone


Contact Town Clerk Laura B. Morton

(910)428-4112 phone


Current Openings

Contact Town Clerk Laura B. Morton

(910)428-4112 phone

Biscoe Cemetery

The Biscoe Cemetery is located at 480 N Main Street, Biscoe, N.C. 27209


The Town of Biscoe prides itself on having a pristine and well-managed cemetery for citizens to lay their loved ones to rest. Town staff works diligently to keep it well-groomed.  The Town owns and maintains the land, which is individually deeded to those who purchase plots.


There are a few stipulations to consider before purchasing a cemetery plot. Please review the following:


  • Flowers and vases must be attached to headstones
  • Foot markers must be flush to the ground
  • Flat markers at ground level and head stones are allowed
  • Vaults are required
  • No obstructions will be allowed that will prevent access of maintenance or upkeep of grounds (i.e. benches, etc.)


The Biscoe Cemetery is divided into 3 different Sections (Section A, Section B, Section D).


Section A


Section A is 100+ years old and the Town has few records/deeds for this section. No graves available.


Section B


Section B is the first section you see when you drive in the cemetery. The Town has most of the records for this section. We only have a few scattered graves available for purchase.



                   Cost                     $200 per grave inside residents

                                                $400 per grave outside residents


                   Plot Sizes            1 grave plot             4 x 10  40 square feet

                                                2 grave plots           8 x 10 80 square feet

                                                4 grave plots           8 x 20 160 square feet



Section D


Section D is located by the flag pole, and was opened up in 2013. The Town is only opening segments of this section at a time. This section has graves available.


                   Cost                    $300 per grave inside residents

                                               $700 per grave outside residents


                   Plot Sizes           1 grave plot            4 x 10  40 square feet

                                               2 grave plots          8 x 10 80 square feet

                                               4 grave plots          8 x 20 160 square feet



The Town maintains records regarding the plot owner. This record may or may not reflect the name of the person who is buried in that plot.


After purchasing the graves, please allow two weeks to receive your signed and notarized deeds. The Town will keep two copies for its records. Please record your deed with the Montgomery County Register of Deeds in Troy. The Register of Deeds is located on 2nd Floor of the Administration Building at 102 East Spring Street in Troy, N.C. 27371. For information on recording your deed, call 910-576-4271. To purchase a grave at the Biscoe Cemetery, please contact Town Clerk, Laura B. Morton at 910-428-4112.




The Town of Biscoe operates under a Council/Manager form of government. The Town Manager and five members of the Board of Commissioners.


The Board of Commissioners meets every month on the second Monday. Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building. Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting and to speak at the Public Forum held at the end of every meeting. If you have a matter that you wish to have considered by the Board of Commissioners, all information needs to be submitted to the office of the Town Manager by the Tuesday before the scheduled meeting.

Town of Biscoe Officials

James E. Blake, Mayor

PO Box 100

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-428-9542 – Home Phone

Jerry Smith, Pro-tem

PO Box 1112

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-220-0269 – Cell Phone

John Beard, Commissioner

308 Church Street

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-428-3244 – Home Phone

 Harold Eugene Anderson, Commissioner

PO Box 280

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-428-9138 – Home Phone

Jimmy Cagle, Commissioner

PO Box 441

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-571-1596 – Cell Phone

W. Eddie Reynolds, Commissioner

PO Box 777

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-428-1137 – Home Phone

Brandon Holland, Town Manager

PO Box 1228

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-428-4112 – Office Phone


Laura B. Morton

PO Box 1228

Biscoe, N.C. 27209

910-428-4112 – Office Phone

Commissioner Board Meetings



January 11, 2016

February 8, 2016

March 14, 2016

April 11, 2016

May 9, 2016

June 13, 2016

July 11, 2016

August 8, 2016

September 12, 2016

October 10, 2016

November 14, 2016

December 12, 2016

January 13, 2014

February 10, 2014

March 10 2014

April 14, 2014

May 12, 2014

June 9, 2014

July 14, 2014

August 11, 2014

September 8, 2014

October 13, 2014

November 10, 2014

December 15, 2014



January 12, 2015

February 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

April 13, 2015

May 11, 2015

May 19, 2015

June 8, 2015

June 29, 2015

July 13, 2015

August 10, 2015

September 14, 2015

October 12, 2015

October 26, 2015

November 9, 2015

December 14, 2015

January 14, 2013

February 11, 2013

March 11 2013

April 8, 2013

May 13, 2013

June 10, 2013

July 8, 2013

August 12, 2013

September 9, 2013

October 14, 2013

November 12, 2013

December 9, 2013

Code Enforcement Planning & Zoning

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Mission and Purpose

The Mission of the Zoning Ordinance is To Promote The Health, Safety, Morals And General Welfare Of The Inhabitants Of The Town Of Biscoe, North Carolina, To Facilitate The Adequate Provision Of Transportation, Sewerage, Schools, Parks, And Other Public Improvements, And To Regulate The Location And Uses Of Buildings, Structures And Land For Trade, Industry, Residence, Or Other Purposes, To Regulate The Erection, Reconstruction, Or Alteration Of Buildings, And To Regulate The Height, Number Of Stories, And Size Of Buildings And Structures, And The Size Of Buildings And Structures, And The Size Of Yards And Open Spaces Surrounding Buildings, To Regulate The Density Of Population, And To Divide The Town Into Zones Of Such Number, Shape, And Area As May Be Best Suited To Carry Out Said Purposes, It Is Desirable And Necessary To Adopt The Zoning Ordinance And Map For Said Town As Hereinafter Set Forth.


The Purpose of the Zoning Ordinance is to lessen congestion in the streets; to secure safety from fire, panic, and other dangers; to promote health and the general welfare; to provide adequate light and air; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to avoid undue concentration of population; to facilitate the adequate provisions of transportation, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements; to conserve the value of buildings and encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the corporate area, there is hereby adopted and established an official zoning plan of the Town of Biscoe.


Your Current planning needs such as zoning, subdivision and site plan administration, annexation, zoning code enforcement and general planning issues are handled by the Town's Planning Department.


Please follow this link to the Town of Biscoe’s Zoning Ordinance.


All Building Inspections, Permits, etc. are all handled by the Montgomery County Inspections Department. Please follow this link to the Montgomery County Inspections Page for additional information.

Parks and Recreation

Deaton-Monroe Recreation Park

221 Mill Street Biscoe, NC 27209

Parks and Recreation Director: Mark Miller


Hours of Operation:

Park open 7:30 a.m.- 12 midnight

Pool opens 10 a.m.- 10 p.m. (summer only)


Pool Hours:

The pool is open to the public

Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 12pm to 6pm

Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Thursday Nights are Public Night Swims from 7-9pm (Cost is $1)


Swimming Lessons: (Monday - Friday)

9 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 6 pm (summer only)


Private parties can be booked at a cost of $100 for a 2 hour period or $150 for a 3 hour period on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays from 7-9 pm.

We also have 10 am—12 noon available for parties on Saturday mornings.

The Park opens at 7:30 a.m. each morning and is open until 12:00 each night. Some events require that the park remain open for extended hours and can be scheduled through either the Police Department or Town Hall.


Any related charges or fees: There is no fee to enter the park or to use the year-round facilities at the park. There are fees for using the swimming pool during the summer season. Admission to the pool is $2.00 per person. For group rates and special events, please contact Town Hall.


The Biscoe Park offers a number of small town recreation services. We have a swimming pool that is opened during the summer months, four tennis courts, six basketball goals, a walking trail, two volleyball courts, a picnic shelter, 12 horseshoe pits, and a baseball field. The park also includes a number of playground equipment for kids to play on.


Summer Tennis Program





SIGN UP FOR 2017 SUMMER TENNIS. If you love to play tennis or are interested in learning to play tennis, please contact Town Hall at 910-428-4112 to register for the FREE Summer Tennis Program sponsored by the Town of Biscoe. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.  and Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Participants much have completed the 6th Grade at East Middle School.

Dixie Youth Baseball


Biscoe's Dixie Youth Baseball field is the center point of the east side of Montgomery County; used as a youth baseball. It is located off of NC Hwy. 24/27 on Brooks St. behind PR Moore Produce/Biscoe Farmer's Market.


For questions regarding our Softball or Baseball activities contact Benjy Dunn, Assistant Parks Director at 910-428-4112 or 910-220-0327.


Softball Field @ Deaton Monroe Park

The Town of Biscoe hosts countless non-profit tournaments at its softball field located at

Monroe-Deaton Park.  It is home to both Adult Men’s & Co-Ed Slow-Pitch Leagues.


The field is used by East Middle School Knights Girl Fast pitch Team and is utilized as a

Community Base Filed for Church Groups and non-profit organizations.

Thank you so much for all who participated in our

3rd Annual Halloween in the Park. We had over

2100 people come enjoy the fun!  Planning for next year has already begun!Next Year's Event will be on

Saturday, October 28, 2017 Enjoy a fun and safe evening at Biscoe Park.  We will have free music, free face painters, and lots of free candy for the kids. We will also have food vendors!  If your civic group or church would like to participate, please contact Town Clerk, Laura Morton at 910-428-4112   or at

We hope to see you there!

Paint Classes

The Town of Biscoe offers monthly paint classes open to anyone who is interested.

The cost is $25-$35. The classes are led by Christine Hogan from Mt. Gilead. Please watch Facebook,

the website calendar and flyers for upcoming Paint Classes.

Special kids’ classes are scheduled for the summertime. We welcome you to join us. For more information,

please contact Laura B. Morton at 910-428-4112 or


Halloween in the Park

Public Safety

Fire Department

Contact Us

The Town of Biscoe Fire Department proudly provides fire suppression, fire prevention & fire education for those who live, work, and travel in and through the Town of Biscoe.


Our mission is to provide a reliable, efficient, and safe method of protecting life, property, and the environment, by maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, and excellence in service.


The Biscoe Fire Department is a municipal volunteer fire department led by Chief Tripp Myrick.  Biscoe’s Assistant Fire Chief is Sam Stewart.



Dial 911 for Emergencies, the call will be routed to the local public safety answering point.

Police Department

Tripp Myrick, Fire Chief


110 West Main Street

Biscoe, N.C. 27209


910-428-4541 Phone

910-428-3975 Fax


In An Emergency Dial 911

Brent Tedder, Police Chief


110 West Main Street

Biscoe, N.C. 27209


910-428-2978 Phone     910-428-3543 Fax


In An Emergency Dial 911


We are committed to protect life, property and improve the quality of life without prejudice or bias, with respect for the rights of all people, to assure a safe and secure environment for all. The Police Department is located 114 West Main Street. The Biscoe Police Department is currently staffed by full-time and part-time officers and records clerk.


Lt. Cale Latham


Sgt. Shane Armstrong


Brandi B. Harris, Records Clerk

“The Mission of the Biscoe Police Department is to enforce the laws and ordinances of the State of North Carolina and the Town of Biscoe; by providing quality law enforcement we safeguard lives, enhance community safety, protect property and reduce the impact and fear of crime. Our officers seek and preserve public confidence by impartial observance of the law and by offering service and trust to all members of the public.”


Through open communication, we strive to build upon the trust and confidence of our citizens and to all those who may visit, work in, or travel through our Communities.

Contact Us

The Biscoe Police Department chartered a program for young people interested in Law Enforcement. It is called Law Enforcement Exploring also known as Police Explorers is a career-oriented program that gives young adults the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement by working with local law enforcement agencies. Founded on July 12, 1973, it is one of the Exploring programs from Learning for Life, a non-Scouting subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America. The program is generally available to qualified young adults who graduated 8th grade and are ages 14 through 21. Lt. Cale Latham of the Biscoe Police Department is the Advisor and contact for the Biscoe Police Explorers Post 158. For more information, please contact Lt. Latham at 910-428-2978 or email him at Biscoe has had the fastest growing Explorer Post in the District as well as the District North of us (Old North State District). Other start-up Posts are calling to model our program. Our Explorers have logged over 425 Community Service hours.  This is hours in addition to their ride along hours.

Police Explorer Group

Thank you to our

Fire Department & Police Department

for Protecting & Serving Our Community!

Public Utilities/Public Works

Public Works

Infrastructure Maintenance

The Public Works Department responsibilities include maintenance and improvements to infrastructure

including water/sewer lines, pavement, sidewalks, and curbing, maintaining rights of way, town buildings,

grounds, parks, streets, as well as wastewater collection inside the corporate limits of Biscoe.


The Town of Biscoe recently spent $2.1 million to upgrade out Wastewater Treatment plant; as well as

$2.3 million to extended water lines across Interstate 73/74 to open up that area for growth.


The Public Works Departments consists of 6 full-time positions and 2 part-time positions. These

employees are responsible for the repair and maintenance of our Town’s infrastructure. This consists

of 11.58 miles of street maintenance, approximately 900 water/sewer customers (residential and

non-residential), 14 miles of water mains and  22 miles of sewer lines, 8 miles of force main, and

10 pump stations. And a 0.6 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plan. All of this takes place within a square

mile radius. They must be extremely versatile and be able to respond to any emergency, as the

situation deems itself necessary. From burst water lines to burst sewer lines, they are the people responsible for keeping the Town open and working for all of our citizens.


The Town Public Works Department also collects and properly disposes yard waste.  Additionally, Public Works is responsible for storm debris collection and disposal should there be any weather-related event.


Funding for the Public Works Department comes from local, state, and federal agencies.


Water Billing

The Water Billing Clerk/Deputy Clerk is responsible for customer service which includes answering the telephone and collecting payments. She also is responsible for office errands, and working in conjunction with maintenance staff to read the meters on a monthly basis. Customers can either pay in person at Town Hall or mail their check or money order to PO Box 1228, Biscoe, N.C. 27209. Customer may also wish to set their monthly water payment on draft. If so, you can complete the Town of Biscoe Water Bill Draft Consent Form.


Business Hours

For assistance please contact Town Hall at 910-428-4112;  Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Public Works and Water Billing Office

110 West Main Street, Biscoe, N.C. 27209









Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection is on Monday. The Town of Biscoe contracts with Republic Service to pick-up garbage inside the city limits. If you need an extra trash can, please complete the Extra Trash Can form.




Recycling Convenience Site

The Town of Biscoe in Partnership with Republic Services is pleased to announce a Recycling Convenience Site for residents of Biscoe; located off of Brooks Street across from the Little League Baseball Field. Commingled Recyclables Accepted include:  Aluminum Cans, Steel Cans, Glass Bottles, Plastic, Cardboard, Newspaper, Magazines, and Office Paper.

Alex Turner, Assistant Director

Public Works Department

(910) 428-4112 Phone

(910) 428-3975 Fax

Laura Jordan, Water Billing Clerk Deputy Clerk

(910) 428-4112 Phone

(910) 428-3975 Fax

Sam R. Stewart, Director

Public Works Department

(910) 428-4112 Phone

(910) 428-3975 Fax

Public Utilities

Water/Wastewater Service Policy


  1. The Customer shall maintain at his own expense a service line which shall begin at the property line and extend to the dwelling and other portion of the premises.
  2.  At the time of application, the customer shall pay a non-refundable connection fee of $50.00 for residential and $75.00 non-residential for water and sewer. They shall also provide ID, rent receipt or deed of purchase for the service address. Water/Sewer services will be connected within 24 business hours of application.
  3. Water/Sewer services cannot be scheduled for connection or disconnection on Fridays.
  4. The Customer shall pay their water/sewer bills at Town Hall office; located at 110 West Main Street, Biscoe, N.C. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Payments can also be mailed to Town of Biscoe, PO Box 1228, Biscoe, N.C. 27209.  A drop box is also available. (Please do not drop cash in the drop box).
  5. The bills are sent out the last of the month. Payments are due on or before the 20th of each month.
  6. Failure to pay water/sewer charges on or before the due date shall result in a late fee of $10.00 per account added to the bill until the account is current.
  7. Non-payment after due date will result in termination of service on the 25th of the month. Service will be restored after payment in full plus a $35.00 reconnect fee is
  8. Returned check/draft fee is $25.00. Three returned check/draft payments will result in cash only payment.
  9. The Town of Biscoe participates in the NC Debt Set-off Program to collect unpaid water/sewer bills.



Water and Sewer Rates

Residential Rates

(Effective September 2010)


Inside Rates

First 2000 gallons (Minimum Charge)  $10.00/thousand

Each thousand gallons thereafter  $5.50/thousand


Outside Rates

First 2000 gallons (Minimum Charge)  $20.00

Each thousand gallons thereafter  $11.00/thousand


Sewer Charges

Inside  100% of Water Used

Outside  100% of Water Used


Connection Fees

Water Connection Fee  $50.00

Reconnect Fee  $35.00


Water Tap Charges

Water Tap 3/4" Inside and Outside  $350.00

Water Tap 1" Inside and Outside  $500.00

Bore or push Outside  Cost per invoice


Sewer Tap Charges

Sewer Tap - Inside  $250.00

Sewer Tap - Outside  $500.00

Bore or push - Outside  Cost per invoice


Late Charge (On the 20th) $10.00




Commercial Rates

(Effective September 2010)


Inside Rates

First 3000 gallons (Minimum Charge)  $32.00

Each thousand gallons thereafter  $5.50/thousand

All over 1 million gallons  Please check with office


Outside Rates

First 2000 gallons (Minimum Charge)  $53.00

Each thousand gallons thereafter  $11.00/ thousand

All over 1 million gallons  Please check with office


Sewer Charges

Inside  100% of Water Used

Outside  100% of Water Used


Connection Fees

Water Connection Fee  $75.00

Reconnect Fee  $35.00


Water Tap Charges

Water Tap 3/4" Inside and Outside  $350.00

Water Tap 1" Inside and Outside  $500.00

Bore or push Outside  Cost per invoice


Sewer Tap Charges

Sewer Tap - Inside  $250.00

Sewer Tap - Outside  $500.00

Bore or push - Outside  Cost per invoice


Late Charge (On the 20th) $10.00


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